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Paul is an well qualified, successful and experienced Art teacher, who has been teaching in Secondary Schools for 25 years, teaching in the 11-18 range. He trains new, experienced teachers and adults and is experienced teaching in Year 5/6. Paul works from his studio in his garden and has considerable success with his own painting and digital work, working on commissions and exhibitions. He graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1989 where he studied painting and printmaking and completed a PGCE in Art and Design in 2004, he has been teaching Art in its many forms, ever since. Paul is an Adobe Certified Expert in Video editing and is an Apple Distinguished Educator for the work he does with Apple products in teaching and training. Paul has been an examiner for A Level Art and Design for over 15 years.

Where to begin with One-to-One Sessions?

Whether you or your child are interested in having one-to-one expert tuition to develop confidence in an area or qualification of the subject, or to have further input or support with a creative problem, or to expand the range within media use or to have step by step instruction on a specific skill, the place to start is to have an initial consultation. This will allow for “perspective” and a plan of action to be formed. The initial consultation requires, if relevant, current work to be brought along so that we can identify areas to flourish and to build on. Usually this is a 30 minute consultation which is free of charge. The cost of the sessions is £30 per hour.

One-to-one Sessions

Typical One-to-One sessions will consist of one hour or two hour sessions after school hours, at the weekends or during school holidays which are designed to plug the gap or to extend the skills of individual students.

Examples : Practical core skills sessions to develop confidence in using different medias – Sketchbook reviews – Portfolio reviews – Expanding skills range – Artist study for GCSE & A Level – Critical and analytical skills – Adobe Software Sessions – iPad Training – How to use Sources – Observational Study – Ideas and how to grow them – Using Photography – Accompanied Gallery visits – En plein air painting and drawing sessions –

Contact Paul to discuss any training using the contact form.