iStudyArt app

What is iStudyArt ?

I made this app with Gooii, Nottingham, after finding that Students and art lovers needed to have a way to store their gallery experiences on their phones, rather than their sketch books, as time was short in a gallery plus I had found that young people are never without their phones but may well forget their sketch books – so the idea is that an individual can harvest the experiences of a gallery visit quickly and easily, which then can be explored later. The opportunity to take details and slices of artworks whilst in the gallery can be used to great effect and great reference later on.

The iStudyArt app offers an alternative way to record what is seen in an art gallery on your iPhone or iPod. making the most of the time you have in the gallery or in the art studio.

-Allowing for quick intimate and individual photos of, for example, tiny details of brushwork or textures of an artwork or for particular themes or artistic styles to be selected.

-Written responses made to the iStudyArt chosen artworks either in the gallery or after the event so they can distill and record their experience. Putting or taking photos of the details of the work next to the artwork will help in the identification for further research at a later date.

-The artcard record they make will then be used as valuable evidence for the critical skills and enables students to choose a range of artworks to build their own art gallery on their mobile device.


The app enables students to answer the curriculum requirements (NC) or the examination requirements to develop their critical and analytical skill. The evidence of their interaction with a real artwork is seen through the printed out artcard. This evidence can be made from artworks made in the studio and with those experienced in the gallery.

Download the iStudyArt instructions :