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Paul is available to extend students and adults skills in their Art qualifications, such as GCSE, A Level, BTEC or are just needing extra input in their artistic exploits at any level,  providing a range of tutoring services on a hourly basis at a cost of £30. Individual targeted sessions are arranged for each learner, here are some examples of activities:

Practical Sessions – Experimentation & Exploration;Typically practical sessions are task led demonstrations,  which may cover drawing, painting, mixed media, print media, photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Using and iPad in Art practice.Step by step approaches in controlling and experimentation with new skill and techniques. These sessions are designed to build on learners skills base.

Critical and Analytical Sessions – Making connections & Understanding; Ways of looking at artists and their work, their practice, ways to respond, using sources and what evidence is required in sketch books for examination students.

Idea development – How to explore and refine your ideas; Random, literal, lateral, conceptual, observational, imaginative? You may have a block in your work – using tried and tested approaches support and examples are used to give those ideas wings.

Accompanied Gallery Visits: Day trips are available down to London to visit exhibitions or specific galleries. Paul has been running art gallery visits since starting teaching, having up to date knowledge of London galleries an exhibitions. Family visits, group visits are all available.

Portfolio and Careers advice and Support: Programme of choosing the right course and what to put into your portfolio, what evidence is required by Art schools and University Sessions. Up to date knowledge and first hand experience of preparing portfolios for Art school and Universities through Paul’s own teaching experience with A Level and BTEC Students.

Contact; All sessions are tailored to the individual requirements of the learner and will be arrived at through review and discussion. Please contact Paul on to make contact and begin the journey.




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